Merritt also discusses regulations in the food and beverage industry.

Watson Marlow's Marketing Manager Russell Merritt comments on the annual State of the Industry for Pumps & Systems.

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With chemical processing as the industry that uses the most energy, what are professionals doing to control those costs?

One area of improvement is looking at process equipment that is inherently more energy efficient due to superior design. As an example: some legacy process pumps require multiple utilities to function including electrical power, air and water. By selecting modern engineered solutions, an end user can realize energy savings across several utility requirements. The resulting ROI can be achieved in a short period of time while also reducing attendant maintenance costs.

How can food and beverage industry producers successfully deal with increasing regulations?

Developing robust standards within the equipment supply chain is a good area to focus on. Establishing higher criteria for equipment and component suppliers will remove risk from process lines and ensure that compliance standards are met in a sustainable fashion.