International politics, the skills gap, IIoT adoption and more are top of mind.
by Pumps & Systems staff
January 11, 2019

“One of the key components of this bill was that it adds some stability. Rather than questioning from year to year, this guaranteed funds for the next several years. ... Manufacturers, treatment facilities, water plants can count on this for the next several years instead of having to worry if the money they had this year is going to disappear next year.”
Adam Stolberg
Executive Director, Submersible Wastewater Pump Association

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What kinds of technology are on the horizon for wastewater to fight the “flushable” wipe epidemic?
“Existing technology is evolving withnew pumps from several manufacturers that chop/slice the stringy material found in wipes, or new impeller types using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in design to eliminate dead zones that could lead to clogging and also improve efficiency. ...Operators are looking for the most reliable and trouble-free pump station.”
John Lord
National Sales & Business Development Manager, HOMA Pumps

“Pump operators and consulting engineers must consider total cost of ownership (TCO) in their decision-making process regarding the best technology to handle this challenge, which will continue to increase as more consumer companies market flushable solutions.”
Joshua Jensen
Director of Municipal Sales and Marketing-Americas, Weir Specialty Pumps

What is the top trend to look for in 2019 for seals?
“The top trend for seals is improving our technologies to provide practical solutions to plant personnel so that equipment stays up and running. Advancements in seals now provide benefits such as lubrication reliability and true noncontact sealing with air seals. ... Industry experts must work with maintenance and reliability personnel to correctly apply, install and operate these products. Continued training ... is critical.”
Chris Wilder

How will regulations impact 2019?
“We are preparing for a more regulated world in 2020 when the new pump efficiency regulations go into effect. We expect a significant amount of activity and a shift in marketing materials as OEMs prepare. In the clean water market, 2019 will bring a lot of opportunity because of that movement around the utility space.”
Michael Michaud
Executive Director, Hydraulic Institute

What else should the end users know about the year ahead?
“The traditional supplier base for the pump industry is becoming highly stressed by the rapid growth in demand for industrial products. Lead times on castings, motors, seals and similar components are increasing significantly. This will cause the pump industry as a whole to become less responsive to emergent needs. Long-term planning will be critical.”
Andrew Carver
CEO, Carver Pumps

“2019 is a difficult year to forecast. There are many new factors that can affect short- and middle-term outlooks. These include the new trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, an escalation of trade tension, and the Democrats gaining control of the [U.S. ] House [of Representatives]. All of these can have an impact on the pump industry in 2019 and beyond.”
Mark Jones
President, CEO, SEEPEX

“Economists predict the first half of 2019 will be much like 2018 growth in the U.S. However, the prediction is that the second half of 2019 will likely slow and GDP growth for the year will be in the 2.5 percent range. Also, continued Fed tightening may hamper GDP growth. Early 2019 may be an excellent time to deploy IIoT solutions to offset slowing economic growth. ”
Todd Loudin
President, Flowrox

“Hardware will get bigger as it gets more powerful. There is a notion that edge computing devices are going to keep getting smaller in a capacity sense due to offloading to clouds. In 2019, these edge gateway devices are actually going to get more powerful and will need to get larger in order to have more capacity to run virtualization or containers to support more apps that will in turn consume more data.”
Jason Andersen
Vice President of Business Line Management, Stratus Technologies