Growth is largely driven by South Korea, according to report from Cornerstone Research.
Event moves to a different month in 2021, and possibly for good.
Infrastructure investments and industrialization are factors in projected growth.
Experts hope stormwater’s inclusion in next ASCE Infrastructure Report Card will help raise visibility.
Strategic realignments are a driving factor; valuations remain high.
South & East Asia is a potential hotbed for opportunity.
Seventy percent of China’s oil demand is met by imports.
The IIoT adoption curve in Gulf Corporation Council nations.
Since ‘Dirty Jobs,’ the TV host promotes importance of skilled labor and work ethic in a world that mostly values college degrees.
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Recent manufacturing report highlights key issues, predictions and trends.
Stephen Katz of SUEZ explains the potential of water reuse for future water needs.
The Milwaukee event will take place June 26-27.
Total oil production expected to rise by another 1 million barrels per day by 2030, according to IHS Markit analysis.
Newpark Drilling Fluids President Timothy J. Armand says “optimism” is the word that comes to mind.
U.S. pump manufacturers likely unaffected by Brexit, except that the future trading environment remains unclear.
M&A activity at a glance; water remains primary target end-use market.
ABB’s Susan Peterson-Sturm on the future of the field and how women can play a larger role.
President expected to focus now on negotiations with China.
How I Solved: Engaging Millennials in the Workplace
Trey Walters, president and founder of Applied Flow Technology, says this age group wants to be heard.
Long-term economic unrest from Brexit and Donald Trump’s election has not come to fruition, but some factors could cause concern.
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Poll Results: Knowledge Retention Is a Concern
88 percent of respondents are worried about "boomer brain drain."
IMF drops forecast to lowest since 2009.
Retaining employees, energy rebates, European outlook top of mind at spring meeting.
Work supported by the pumps industry sees costs increase.
U.S. president threatens raising existing tariffs prior to meeting Chinese leader.
Water infrastructure and other projects have garnered bipartisan support in the past.