LUXEMBOURG (May 4, 2016) -- In partnership with Chaux de Contern, clean-tech innovator APATEQ has been awarded a first contract in Luxembourg by waste management regional authority SIGRE to extend and modernize the existing plant for the treatment of leachate arising from the central landfill in Buchholz-Muertendall. The resulting water will be discharged to the municipal wastewater treatment plant in Grevenmacher, which is currently being built.

The clean-tech company was founded in 2013 in Luxembourg and since then has delivered membrane-based solutions for the treatment of water and wastewater to customers around the world, such as in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Denmark, Italy and France.

APATEQ received this new order in partnership with Chaux de Contern, producer, importer and distributor of building materials in Luxembourg and the Greater Region that was involved in the building of more than 70 wastewater treatment plants within the last 40 years.

The order refers to APATEQ’s unique leachate treatment system, combining proprietary process technologies with high efficiency ultrafiltration and activated carbon filtration. APATEQ’s system will extend and modernize the existing plant for leachate treatment.

The upgrade of the plant in Buchholz-Muertendall is scheduled to be finalized by October.