SLP Pump Range


Introduced in April 2010, the SLP25i is a positive displacement vane pump that can be used on a variety of industrial and chemical fluids. This pump is sealless, which means that packing or a mechanical seal is not used. It features an all 316L stainless steel construction with PTFE encapsulated FKM O-rings. It provides a maximum flow rate of 110 gallons per minute, can stand a maximum 174 psi differential pressure and can handle viscosities up to 278000 SSU.

This pump is the first rotary, positive displacement pump that is sealless without using a magnetic drive system. Shaft sealing is provided by a double, stainless bellows that houses an eccentric shaft. By rotating, the shaft drives the bellows end in a rotating movement. This rotation is transmitted to the pump rotor shaft by a crank system. Sealless drive system cooling is provided by the whole flow rate crossing the bellows chamber and then driven to the pumping chamber by the side tube. Cooling does not require the diversion of part of the flow, which would reduce pump efficiency, or a separate cooling system, which would make the pump more complex to operate and maintain.

When comparing the SLP25i to mechanical seals, it provides the following advantages:

  • Suppresses leakages
  • Reduces or even suppress maintenance
  • Suppresses flushing system often necessary with mechanical seal
  • Accepts pump dry running up to 10 minutes

Compared to a pump with a magnetic drive, it provides these advantages:

  • Reduces power consumption up to 40 percent
  • Increases pump global efficiency up to 20 percent
  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Suppresses all side precautions due to magnetic field
  • Needs much less monitoring when used in potentially explosive atmosphere
  • Accepts pump dry running up to 10 min without damages

In addition, the SLP25i is self priming. The wear parts (vanes) can be replaced while the pump is online and without total dismantling. The bearing lubrication is made by synthetic oil needing replacement only every 12,000 to 17,000 hours, and pump dismantling and reassembly is simple and requires neither specific tooling nor accurate clearance settings.

End-User Testimony

A methyl di-p isocyanates plant in Hungary has been using an SLP25i for the past four months. The pump is used at its maximum speed, 24 hours per day. According to the plant maintenance manager (name not provided), the pump has allowed significant process improvement:

  • Pump monitoring was reduced. The previous installation of magnetic driven pumps required constant monitoring of flow, power and temperature (ATEX Zone 1). The Mouvex SLP pump only requires temperature monitoring to comply with ATEX.
  • The crystallization that was occurring inside the magnets cooling channels was suppressed.
  • This pump was more accepting accidental dry running without damage and keeping inside ATEX certification field.
  • It's a “start and forget” pump.