25 years ago, then-publisher David Hill kicked off the inaugural issue of Pumps & Systems with the headline, “Change. It’s the one constant in the 1990s.” He was right.
Pumps & Systems

Much in the rotating equipment industry has changed in the 25 years since Pumps & Systems sent its first issue to the printer.

But the pumping industry is, in its heart, a conservative one. Many pump designs are unchanged from the original. And pumps and pumping professionals do their work behind the scenes, steadily focused on keeping infrastructure moving and serving communities around the world.

In 1993, the magazine covered the big technology challenge of the day, the adoption of computer-aided design (CAD) software. And in its pages James Fluharty, then-executive vice president of Viking Pump, was quoted saying, “Technology continues to have a major impact on the industry. The use of computerized design, modeling, and manufacturing create improved performance in both product and process.”

Today, CAD is ubiquitous, but technology is still an issue. The technological game-changer in 2018 is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Cybersecurity threats are a mounting concern for the pump industry but, according to experts, most companies are not yet prepared to handle potential attacks.

And new systems can pose even more risk.

That first issue of Pumps & Systems also covered topics that remain relevant after 25 years of writing about pumps and pumping systems. Making the best informed purchasing decisions; troubleshooting issues with suction, pressure, vibration and overheating; recruiting, hiring and training; operating at the best efficiency point (BEP); understanding net positive suction head (NPSH), sealing technology and performance; mean time between failure (MTBF); all of these were covered in the magazine in 1993—and they are equally relevant today.

Education & Expertise

Perhaps the most common thread over the past quarter century of the magazine is the focus on education.

Education for the engineers, maintenance professionals, technicians—everyone who touches the system from design to maintenance to troubleshooting to repair.

And the breadth of education covered the entire system, and how each part is integral to the success or failure of the whole. “At Pumps & Systems magazine, the emphasis is on just that … pumps and systems. After all, the pump is not a commodity—the requirements of the pumping processes are too specific—but an interactive subsystem of a total fluid handling system,” said Hill in 1993.

That work, educating readers, is why the magazine has earned the trust of end users over the past 25 years. It is also the mission for the next 25.

Pumps is more than the people who produce the magazine each month. It is the columnists, contributing authors, advertisers, industry partners and Editorial Advisory Board.

So for its 25th anniversary, Pumps & Systems recognizes the group of talented pumping professionals that together have contributed to each issue, and made Pumps & Systems the go-to resource for the rotating equipment industry.

Industry Voices: P&S Columnists and Contributing Authors

Jim Elsey, Pumps & Systems columnist, recently pointed out the importance of continuing education—both for young professionals entering the industry and as refreshers for legacy employees. It is what motivates Elsey to write his column, Common Pumping Mistakes, each month.

It was also the motivation for former columnist Joe Evans, who said, “Although I was offered an opportunity to write for other publications, I chose P&S because of its focus on content. Although advertising is key to the success of any magazine, it is the readership that attracts those advertisers. And it is content that attracts the readership.

Pumps & Systems provides content that benefits engineers, operators and maintenance personnel throughout the pumping industry. No other publication can match the amount of information that is available in every issue.”
That is echoed in the publisher’s letter from January 1993, in which Hill wrote, “Pumps & Systems is your magazine.

“Our mission is to help readers become smarter in the purchase and use of pumps and related products by featuring hands-on information that you can apply to your job, your system and your plant.

“With so much to know, and so much at stake, it’s imperative that pump users have an ongoing, expert source of information on this critical subject.”

Industry Experience: P&S Editorial Advisory Board

The magazine introduced the Editorial Advisory Board to readers in the first issue, saying, “To assure that Pumps & Systems magazine editorial content is of the highest caliber, we have assembled a distinguished group of pump and system experts to help guide the publication’s editorial direction. These professionals are recognized authorities in the engineering, manufacturing, end-user and consulting areas. We’d like to introduce you to the people who are helping to make Pumps & Systems magazine your information source for pumping solutions.”

Today, board members are an invaluable resource for the magazine that ensures that the content in each issue provides trusted technical excellence for pumping industry professionals, as well as relevant news and information about educational opportunities.

“Having the opportunity to serve on the Editorial Advisory Board has been an honor and an opportunity to help guide the magazine and address the latest in pump industry trends,” explains Jack Creamer, Schneider
Electric/Square D.

P&S also enjoys relationships with key trade groups, such as the Hydraulic Institute, Submersible Wastewater Pumping Association, Fluid Sealing Association, International Desalination Association and more.

The Quarter Century to Come

Pumps have been around for centuries, but rarely are they in the spotlight. Except, of course, in this magazine, where pumps and pump professionals are recognized for the work they do.

For 25 years Pumps & Systems has depended on its readers, Editorial Advisory Board, columnists, contributing authors, and advertisers to ensure that the content published in these pages is both technical and accessible, and always relevant.

Throughout the remainder of 2018 Pumps & Systems will reprint articles from that first year that are as relevant and educational today as they were then.

How has Pumps & Systems helped you in the last 25 years? We’d love to hear your story. Email us at pumpeditors@cahabamedia.com.