The rating means they were tested under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes and continued to run properly.
With large numbers of people retiring in the coming years, the industry is emphasizing training opportunities more than ever.
If the old saying “Build something better and people will buy it” is correct, then a new bearing housing design will be of interest to those focused on reliability.
Michael Michaud, executive director of the Hydraulic Institute, spoke with Pumps & Systems about how end users can prepare for new Department of Energy rules and policies.
Understanding the manufacturing process that produced the equipment, as well as the production and cleaning processes for which the equipment is used, is vital for efficient operation.
Are you ready for 2017?
The facility’s variable speed electro-mechanical drive offered a compact, convenient solution that was energy-efficient.
Variable speed pumps in a recreation complex save a college thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.
The equipment meets the specs and timetable required for critical thermal-control functions.