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Manufacturers and end users must certify the entire pump system to ensure compliance with a 2011 amendment to The Safe Drinking Water Act.
In food processing, these motors are an ideal choice for long life 
and dependable safety.
A monitoring solution detected system issues on industrial water and water injection pumps.

Concern is high throughout the Middle East and North Africa on how the region will manage precious resources such as water, oil and energy as populations rise and cities grow.

These seals and their piping plans offer a simpler alternative to wet containment systems.

As oil prices continue to fall, one fact is clear—the MENA region is leading the conversation on the market's future. Since the Nov.

An IO-Link configuration manages key sugar extraction equipment, saving space and installation costs.


Today marks the final day of the 2015 International Water Summit (IWS), a gathering of water and sustainability experts from around the globe. Thousands gathered in Abu Dhabi this week to discover solutions to problems such as water scarcity and efficiency.

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The Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline has been the source of many polarizing discussions among industry and political leaders since the 2000s.


For those of you old enough to remember Lawrence Welk, you’ll notice that the title of this brief column is the final quote from his show’s closing song. I am still a loyal fan of his reruns today.

Despite its name, pump specific speed (NS) does not have much to do with the actual speed of a pump.

Previous “Pump System Improvement” columns covered the assessment of simple systems with a single load. The system discussed in this column has multiple loads. Figure 1 is a schematic of a piping system under evaluation.

A reciprocating power pump, as depicted in Figure 1, is a displacement machine. It has characteristics that are different than a centrifugal pump.

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