An electric submersible pump provided the plant additional fire suppression when a hot spot caused a silo’s wood chips to combust.
This type of technology can be a cost-effective solution for many applications.
End users can request a prototype sample to test the thermoplastic’s suitability in a given application.
Externally pressurized porous gas bearings are being applied in seal applications for rotating equipment.
Understanding the cause of the potentially damaging pressure surges is the key to finding the right solution.
The new HI Energy Rating Program uses a label to indicate the power savings obtained from pump system upgrades.
Lower coupling restoring forces can increase bearing and seal life.
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These systems must stand up to extreme pressures, destructive process chemicals and marine environments.
Next-generation software offers affordable self-service predictive analytics and easy search to the process industries.
This technology assists with preventing costly equipment failures while increasing production reliability and personnel safety.
Common Pumping Mistakes