Pumps & Systems is the voice of the pump and rotating equipment industry. As the leading magazine for pump users worldwide for 20 years, it delivers relevant industry news coverage and powerful technical information to 40,122 BPA-qualified managers, engineers, operators and maintenance professionals. Pumps & Systems is published monthly and is the only North American trade publication that covers pumps and related operations in every issue. The magazine also delivers timely information and pump industry news through its monthly e-newsletters—Pump Users Digest and Products for Pump Users.

Pumps & Systems serves our readers easy-to-read editorial that covers practical solutions, real-world applications and technical information, along with industry news and trends.

We are the only pump-related monthly trade publication in the world that partners with two recognized technical associations on editorial coverage of pumps and related operation in every issue.

Pumps & Systems has the following core values which all employees adhere to:

  • Integrity. In every decision that we make, we try to make the one that is morally and ethically right, not just the most profitable. We would rather forego money in the short term in order to preserve the company's good name and reputation for integrity. Judgment calls come up regularly in business; when they do, we try to make the decision that you would be proud to tell your grandmother about.
  • Thrift and modesty. We expect all employees to work to find the best deals for the company and keep a sharp eye to expenses.
  • Delivering value for our customers. We do not want customers who are not receiving any value from doing business with us. Our goal is for all of our current customers to be a reference for other potential customers.
  • Being a good customer. We want to be a customer that our vendors enjoy doing business with. We do not berate vendors or burn bridges with them.

About Pumps & Systems MENA

Pumps & Systems MENA provides relevant information on pump technology to mroe than 15,000 consultants, engineers, EPC contractors, operators, executives and other pump professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region. It focuses on relevant news, case studies and pumping system technology from the Oil & Gas (upstream and downstream), Water & Wastewater, Power Generation, Food & Beverage Processing, Building Services and Chemical, Petrochemical & Refinery. For more, visit www.pumpsandsystems.com/mena.

What We Do

Our unique core mission is to provide competitive solutions each month to pump users across the world that need increased efficiency, reliability and safety in their operations. They depend upon Pumps & Systems for the latest information that can help them improve their pump reliability, safety and operating economies.

Pumps & Systems is the recognized authority for information about pump operations in the process industries. Our readers plug into our international print and digital outlets for their critical information needs. For this reason, Pumps & Systems is the most quoted, most referenced and most used resource in the industry.

Pumps & Systems and Pumps & Systems MENA are Cahaba Media Group publications.