Ray Hardee July 2017
In my two most recent Pumps & Systems columns (read them here), we discussed methods for sizing pumps according to the design scenario.
Jim Elsey July 2017
Why does a pump’s hydraulic performance differ from its published curve? This is one of the most common questions I receive about pump performance.
Lev Nelik July 2017
In my June 2016 Pumps & Systems column (read it here), I presented the results of vibration-trending analysis of six cooling water pumps over the course of eight years.
Ray Hardee June 2017
In last month’s column (read it here), we looked at the design process for a small waste collection system. Based on the expected plant operation, the system was designed to handle a maximum flow rate of 400 gpm of 80 F water.
Lev Nelik June 2017
My previous article in the April issue of Pumps & Systems (read it here) on the use of automated data acquisition systems focused on testing two pumps individually to compare the pumps’ actual performance
Jim Elsey June 2017
Over my last 24 articles for Pumps & Systems (see them here), I’ve offered advice solely on centrifugal pumps.
Jim Elsey May 2017
In recent years, most industry professionals have been leaving the decision of driver size selection to pump-selection software. There is nothing wrong with that choice, and many selection software programs do a great job.
Ray Hardee May 2017
First of Two Parts
Ray Hardee April 2017
I am often asked why a system is not operating properly. In many cases, I have limited operational experience with the specific user’s fluid piping system. But by breaking down the system into the pump, process and control elements, one can quickly understand how it operates.
Amy Cash
April 18 marks National Columnist's Day in the United States, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our expert panel. Jim Elsey, Ray Hardee and Lev Nelik provide readers with educational, compelling content every month, and their columns are favorites among our readers.
Lev Nelik April 2017
My recent series titled “Case Study: Troubleshooting Seal Problems in Cooling Water Pumps,” published in Pumps & Systems (December 2016, and January and February 2017, find them here), described using automated pump field performance data acquisit
Jim Elsey April 2017
One of my previous Pumps & Systems columns expounded on an urban myth that all centrifugal pumps arrive on the jobsite ready to operate—“plug and play.” In almost
Ray Hardee March 2017
Smart pumping is not just about buying a pump for your system that has a high best efficiency point or installing a variable frequency drive to reduce power consumption and energy costs.
Jim Elsey March 2017
Some common goals clients report to me include having a pump that operates reliably for a long time combined with an inexpensive installation. I would argue that it is rare to accomplish both on the same job.