In food-processing applications, this technology excels at product recovery and waste reduction.
As municipalities adopt this lift station technology, they are seeing reduced costs and a more productive workforce.
Each adjustable speed drive can find its own set point independently without stressing the entire system.
Manufacturers must develop a long-term market position by diversifying.
Optimization of the selected submersible propeller pumps saved the facility up to $200,000 per year.
End users must consider several factors to ensure the correct pump for their specific needs.
These pump types offer longevity, precision and minimal maintenance even when dealing with the harshest treatment chemicals.
New shredder pump technology can prevent costly clogging and minimize damage to equipment and municipal reclamation facilities.
These technologies allow membrane-based distillation components to be used to produce high-purity drinking water from heavily compromised water sources.
Louisiana's Sabine River Authority incorporated this VFD alternative to divert 141 million gallons of water per day.
The Italian wastewater plant dropped required man-hours and saved more than 170,000 annually in landfill costs.