Four main technologies are available, and plant operators can optimize operations by selecting the best combination of these options.
These are the answers to the Pump Ninja Quiz that was published in the October issue.
Follow these six easy steps to address common installation and operation problems.
The supply of oxygen to four aeration tanks is now handled by five centrally controlled turbocompressors.
The technology offers a lower cost of ownership, reduced maintenance needs and a longer service life than some conventional plunger pumps.
Wastewater collection systems are difficult to monitor, control and operate, but solutions are available.
In municipal applications, operators must understand which technology will best meet their needs.
These engineered machined products can help increase a facility’s return on investment.
After the hangar’s chopper pump in the wastewater sump failed, the maintenance team looked for a reliable, long-term solution.
These examples show how overlooking simple issues can carry catastrophic consequences.
The facility upgrades required a temporary system to divert flow and avoid interruptions during the work.