Michael Michaud, executive director of the Hydraulic Institute, spoke with Pumps & Systems about how end users can prepare for new Department of Energy rules and policies.
Are you ready for 2017?
The facility’s variable speed electro-mechanical drive offered a compact, convenient solution that was energy-efficient.
Variable speed pumps in a recreation complex save a college thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.
The equipment meets the specs and timetable required for critical thermal-control functions.
Their features and benefits make them ideal for the many liquid-transfer points in the soft drink production chain.
The facility partnered with an international nuclear energy services company to renovate and qualify four 12-foot, 24-ton pumps.
Pump System Improvement
These innovative API process pumps offer simple, efficient, reliable and cost-effective operation for many processes.
Many pumps fall prey to a myriad of problems that include corrosion and being crushed by heavier machinery.