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How to submit an article for publication:

  • Please answer the following questions and submit to one of our editors:
  • Proposed Title of Article
  • Author Name, Title, Company and Contact Information (including address, phone, website and email)
  • Abstract of Article (one or two sentences describing the specific message and intent of the article - what the article will teach, describe, explain or demonstrate)
  • General Type of Article (maintenance, troubleshooting, case study, technical)
  • Primary Industries Covered - list all that apply (Clean Water, Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Food Processing, Pulp & Paper, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Mining, Chemical, HVAC, other-please specify)
  • Specific Products and Parts Mentioned - list all that apply (pumps-specify type(s), valves, motors, bearings, impellers, controls, specific instrumentation, seals, other-please specify)
  • Specific Technologies Described
  • Intended Audience (maintenance professionals, end users, OEMs, other-please specify)
E-mail your submission to one of our editors:

Alecia Archibald
Alecia Archibald
Senior Editor, Pumps Division
(205) 278-2843
Contact Alecia
Mike Pemberton
Mike Pemberton
Senior Technical Editor,
Pumps Division
(205) 314-8279
Contact Mike
Savanna Lauderdale
Savanna Gray
Managing Editor
(205) 278-2839
Contact Savanna
Amelia Messamore
Amelia Messamore
Managing Editor
(205) 314-8264
Contact Amelia
Martin Reed
Martin Reed
Managing Editor
(205) 278-2826
Contact Martin
Amy Cash
Amy Cash
Digital Community Manager
(205) 314-8274
Contact Amy


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