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Pumps & Systems, October 2014

October 2014

VFDs and sensorless technologies are often the best solution for controlling and protecting a centrifugal pump system against failure.
A total of 68 grinder pumps (three different models) was selected for Egypt’s biggest commercial project.
First well stimulation project introduces global recovery technique to the MENA region.
New chemical injection pumps provide enhanced solutions to optimize North American unconventional and oil sands production.
The technology effectively strips remaining fluid from suction and discharge lines during production.
A UAE company turned to air-operated double-diaphragm pumping technology to carefully and efficiently produce chemicals for the oil industry.
Tourists enjoy 30 tons of fresh snow daily at Ski Dubai, thanks to 24 end-suction pumps and a sophisticated cooling system.
Coal-burning power plants can expect higher returns by installing pinch valves in emissions scrubbers.
Dissolved air flotation pretreatment ensures the quantity and quality of freshwater production during red tides.
National oil companies seek efficient, adaptive technology that excels in deep-water drilling.
With the correct tools and knowledge, these employees can provide solutions for chronic field problems.

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