Understanding centrifugal pump efficiency is key to optimized system performance.
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A large petrochemical plant increased the service life of its equipment from six months to three years.
When the Cochin pipeline stopped delivering propane into the U.S., Minnesota-based Alliance Midstream established a new rail-supplied facility.
Baseplate failures are often difficult to identify in the field but can be correlated to reoccurring performance issues in mounted equipment.
An industry with aging infrastructure and increasing demands needs better monitoring technology.
Various analyses can identify problems and predict future system vibratory responses.
This unconventional solution features bonding consisting of a micro-crystalline layer that has attributes of natural diamond.
An iteration-based process allows for greater creativity.
Advances in seal ring and face materials can improve basic design issues associated with mechanical seals.
Preventive maintenance programs at refineries can result in reduced costs and better reliability.
Corrections can be a sustainable, cost-saving measure and should be considered by companies with a large installation of these types of motors.
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