These components do not have to be sealed from harsh operating media.
This material stands up to pump upsets such as cavitation and dry running.
From storage to dismounting, every aspect of a bearing’s service life can impact its performance and reliability.
Discharges flowing through the bearings put motors at risk.
The material stands up to pump upsets such as cavitation and dry running.
Careful analysis identified the issue with this multistage, oil transfer pump.
Lip and labyrinth seals provide protection in harsh oil and gas applications.
Outside lubrication experts help improve protocols and minimize downtime.
Safely immerse motor compressors in process gas without risking costly damage.
The best option for preventing bearing currents depends on the source of the problem.
Properly aligned bearings can be critical to the life and health of pumps.
Appropriate equipment selection and best-practice maintenance procedures can make a difference in reliability, service life and production.
A Russian oil & gas company produces a compressor station to maximize pipeline capacity.
A northeast Germany refinery increased its MTBF by upgrading eight pumps.
This equipment eliminated a SAG copper mill gearbox’s maintenance issues resulting from contact lip seals that had a short and unreliable service life.
Use a mathematical model that estimates vibration at the top bearing of a motor used on a vertical, wet-pit, column type pump.