by Lori Ditoro

The 41st Turbomachinery and the 28th International Pump Users Symposia (Sept. 24 – 27) at the George R. Brown Convention Center were well attended and with the relaxed atmosphere, attendees, presenters and exhibitors had great opportunities to network and have great conversations.

The symposia featured an exhibit hall, short courses, lectures, discussion groups and tutorials. Our team visited with advertisers and readers and distributed the August 2012 issue of Pumps & Systems and the Summer 2012 Upstream Pumping Solutions.

Numerous announcements were made and products were exhibited and introduced during the show. Below is a summary of some of them:

One of the top news stories from the show occurred at Elliot Group and Tri-Sen’s event. At the event, they announced their business alliance to provide turbomachinery operators with a pairing of reliable and efficient equipment and controls. For more information, follow this link to the news announcement.

New Way introduced its proprietary porous carbon air bearing seal technology at the show. This new technology combines the benefits of dry gas seals and mechanical seals in one simple, non-contact, leak-free solution. By supplying externally pressurized air through the optimized natural porosity of the same carbon, silicon carbide or ceramics used in conventional face seals, a thin film of high pressure air is created directly between the faces of the seals. This eliminates friction, heat and wear with no leakage. Because the seal air emerges at high pressure but low flow (<0.5 SCFM), these seals are not dependent on any hydrodynamic flow of air and effectively seal at zero RPM as well as operational speeds.

GE Oil & Gas presented its Roots Aftermarket Services. This service offers repairs, parts, revamp services and controls. The company has aftermarket facilities in Houston, Texas, and Connersville, Ind. Both have an on-hand stock of critical components to support quick response. Roots Aftermarket Services also offers:

  • Package design upgrades for improved performance and efficiencies
  • Update to the latest controls technology
  • Service agreements tailored to individual needs

 Among other products, Eagleburgmann presented its CobaSeal bearing seal that delivers a robust, reliable and economical seal solution that is suited for use as an oil barrier seal in compressors and meets the requirements for the high quality and performance.

Hydro, Inc., had members of its new Hydro Parts Solutions Inc. at the booth to talk with end users about how they can help with their post-purchase needs. Hydro Parts Solutions supports pump users with parts solutions through reverse engineering of obsolete parts and by providing improved alloy quality, repeatability, and fast turnaround for emergency parts.

PDC Machines presented its diaphragm compressors, which compress all types of gases without incurring leakage or contamination that results from traditional compressors. The company is experienced in handling industrial gases, rare, pyrophoric, toxic, synthetic, corrosive and gas mixtures.

Concepts NREC Engineering Services consultants were on hand to discuss the company’s development of a modular Organic Rankine Cycle technology platform. CN Engineering Sales Manager Jim McNamara says, “We’re excited to continue the development of ORC technology, as it has so many possible applications including waste heat recovery, biomass power plants, geothermal plants, and solar thermal power plants, to name just a few. We continue to strive toward greater efficiency in order to make it a feasible investment for our customers.”

The well-attended show provided a great venue for networking and learning about new products and innovations within the industry. The Pumps & Systems and Upstream Pumping Solutions teams were happy to attend and look forward to another great show next year.