Motor control centers, PLCs and VFDs improve uptime and data management to keep pipeline stocks moving.
by Anthony Propes, Siemens Industry & Pablo Medina, Siemens tiastar Motor Control Center

Simplicity Reduces Failure

The smart MCC system communicates via a Profibus network over fiber optic cable.

“This simplified and reduced the cost of our installation by about $15,000 because we didn’t have to pull wire,” the supervisor said. “The simplicity also reduces the number of potential failure points.”

Other savings are hard to quantify, he said, because the company’s new system receives many benefits—such as energy savings, less motor maintenance and longer motor life—from the capabilities that the VFDs and soft starters provide.

He added that having much greater visibility into motor operations in real-time provides his operations group with critical insight to ensure the 24/7 uptime that is crucial to keeping gas moving through the company’s pipelines.

“Maintenance can be done much more predictably, efficiently and consistently,” he said.