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March 2015 Cover

March 2015

Reinforcing additives combined with a carefully selected base resin can create a high-performance compound for any application.
Customized seals made from superior materials can help prevent premature failure in heavy-duty applications.
Advanced test analysis tools, remanufacturing and training help end users solve problems.
End users should be aware of the latest standards revisions to employ the most up-to-date valve sealing practices.
An advanced software solution saved one user $350,000 in lost power production revenue.
Block and bleed isolation capabilities improve safety and profits.
Metallics and plastics offer advantages for different applications.
An Indiana refinery used reverse engineering to solve multiple challenges with one custom pump.
Understanding the equipment's operation capabilities and how to calculate the required size is critical.
A solid cyber defense strategy can protect plant assets—even field devices and pumps—from dangerous and costly security breaches.
A caustic, high-temperature cleaning solution puts excessive demand on equipment.
Correct equipment selection and application saved an aluminum producer $36,000.
The Integral Horsepower Motor Rule will take effect June 1, 2016.
The value-added services that IoT technology provides could transform the pump industry.
Industry Leaders Provide Expert Insight on Key Topics & Trends
Additive manufacturing also improves geometric tolerances.
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