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May 2015

May 2015

Waiting to replace packing in centrifugal pump service can lead to downtime and safety issues.
Comprehensive testing revealed unexpected relationships.
HI Pump FAQs is produced by the Hydraulic Institute as a service to pump users, contractors, distributors, reps and OEMs.
These components do not have to be sealed from harsh operating media.
IoT provides flexibility for plants and other facilities, but system types and security must remain top priority.
Combined monitoring and control software options help provide flexibility and improve uptime.
Specialized centrifugal pumps handle liquids with up to 70 percent gases.
Protecting these two components can lead to longer equipment life.
The Water Council uses partnerships and research to address water challenges.
This pared-down technology can make smaller and simpler applications more practical and economical.
The city of Richmond, Canada, selected customized technology to suit the area's unusual requirements.
Intelligent tracking and pressure adjustments can protect aging infrastructure.
Specialized software helps end users address problems before they happen.
Part one of two: This column discusses valves and fittings and evaluates how these devices affect the operation of piping systems.
With the right setup, this software can open new possibilities for system and pump design improvements.
How pumps play a role in the WATER-ENERGY NEXUS
Remote terminal units help an Oregon utility monitor 40 major pump and lift stations.
Exclusive coverage from Zambia & Malawi
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