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Water is life. It is essential to the production of electricity and other energy, to agriculture and industrialization, to comfort and progress. But in a world of climate change and population growth, a world in which natural and manmade disasters demand better, smarter and more sustainable technologies, the availability of water and energy will determine the future of life itself. Will there be enough?
Sustainability, water stewardship, efficiency, desalination advancements and the water-energy nexus were key themes at the third annual International Water Summit. In an exclusive interview, Xylem CEO and President Patrick Decker discussed these topics in detail with Pumps & Systems MENA.
The map rates each country's water scarcity by freshwater consumption as a percentage of available water resources. The numbers are staggering, but industry experts everywhere, especially in the pump industry, are finding smart, reliable ways for mapping a new water future for the region.
The Middle East has a significant share in the global oil market and accounts for more than 45 percent of the global oil reserves. However, subdued global demand for crude oil has resulted in a downward spiral in crude oil prices.
The valves, 78 and 84 inches (1.9 and 2.1 meters) in diameter, were the largest the manufacturer had ever produced.
Climate has an often ignored impact on sealing systems. Damage from harsh weather conditions, such as intermittent storms or humidity, can be effectively managed.
Concern is high throughout the Middle East and North Africa on how the region will manage precious resources such as water, oil and energy as populations rise and cities grow.
The Al-Najaf Wastewater Treatment Plant is located in south Iraq, near the cities of Kufa and Najaf al-Asharaf.
During the past few years, end users in the Middle East power generation industry have considered specifying pumps according to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.
In the east African country of Ethiopia, high-tech sugar production plants have been the focus of food-processing investments.
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