RIVERSIDE, Calif. (May 7, 2014) – Blacoh Fluid Control launched Blacoh University, an online e-learning application for industry professionals.

According to Blacoh’s president Andrew Yeghnazar, Blacoh University is a learning tool dedicated to the discovery, development and communication of knowledge relating to fluid dynamics and control across a variety of industries.

With the launch of Blacoh University, Blacoh introduced a companion website to the company’s existing site with functionality similar to other learning management system (LMS) applications. LMS refers to various software applications ranging from systems for managing training and educational records to the distribution of online educational courses with features focused on interactive learning.

As a manufacturer headquartered in the US, Blacoh delivers products to the marketplace through a global distribution network supported by sales offices around the world. “We are formalizing the way in which we train and coach our distributors, and expanding our horizons by providing learning tools for plant maintenance personnel and the engineering community,” said Mr. Yeghnazar. “This is not just about providing information. There is an enormous amount of data out there. We’re taking that information and presenting it in a way that makes it relevant and useful.”

Blacoh sees this new endeavor in e-learning as a natural expansion of its core business. In the complex world of fluid processing and liquid handling systems, Blacoh manufactures highly engineered products to solve problems commonly associated with industrial and municipal pumping systems. Blacoh University course curriculum for distributors covers the basics of pulsation dampening in applications using various types of positive displacement pumps. Courses designed for the engineering community provide more in-depth analysis of fluid processing systems in general and design related issues such as acceleration head, water hammer and hydraulic surge.

James Burke, Director of Engineering at Blacoh, was instrumental in developing Blacoh University’s Engineering Series. “For engineers in our industry, much of what we know comes from experience and tribal knowledge. It’s not taught in school or included in company training programs. We focused on what was lacking, gathered detailed and reliable content from trusted experts, and developed e-learning courses specifically for engineers.”

Each Blacoh University instructional video is followed with an online interactive exam, and participants are able to track their progress as they go along. Blacoh University certifications are awarded for completing courses in the Distributor Series. For the Engineer Series, certificates with course information and credits for professional development hours (PDH) are provided.

In addition to course instruction, the Blacoh University website includes detailed product assembly videos for maintenance personnel and a variety of relevant articles and white papers for additional study.

Blacoh Fluid Control focuses on solving common pumping systems problems.