CHARLOTTE, N.C. (May 19, 2014) – Flygt has started crisscrossing the country with 24- and 12-foot long mobile display units (MDUs) equipped with informative exhibits of the manufacturer’s solutions for water and wastewater systems. The larger mobile showroom features equipment marketed by Flygt and Godwin, a companion line of pumps also owned by Xylem, Inc. Itineraries will include appearances, staffed by Flygt experts, at trade shows, customer locations, distributor-sponsored venues and consultant seminars.

Emblazoned with distinctive Flygt graphics, the colorful 24-foot MDU has drop-down doors that convert into decks that can be subdivided into mini-venues for simultaneous product demonstrations, interactive videos, and user education/training stations. The mobile showrooms have CAT 6 cabling, HDMI high definition multimedia interfaces and onboard generators for standalone power at remote venues without adequate electrical service.

The informative exhibits include: a working display of the Experior system, among the newest offerings that includes the Flygt Adaptive N pump, premium efficient motor and SmartRun controls in a pre-engineered TOP basin. An interactive demonstration unit of the Flygt MultiSmart Intelligent Pump Station Manager should be another popular stop at the tour, along with the Flygt Slimline Propeller Pump and a 4630 Mixer Unit. A Flygt A-C series NS-Custom Pump display provides information about the expansive line of Flygt custom pumping solutions. One of the most popular features has been the opportunity to request a free condition audit of a lift station or other Flygt-equipped installation to introduce the TotalCare Program recently announced by the company.

Also prominently featured on the front stage is a Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System Pump (DBS). These units can be powered by many different fuel types including natural gas and propane. DBS Pumps are designed to be permanently mounted as complete back-up pumping systems to assume continued operation of water and wastewater facilities during power failures or to support bypass flows during repairs or routine maintenance of the station’s existing pumps and controls. The DBS Pumps are more efficient than standby generators by only running when called to pump. This conserves fuel in conditions when refueling may be challenging. The 12-foot long trailer is dedicated to Flygt pump solutions for pressure sewer applications. This mobile showcase should interest engineers, developers, builders and contractors engaged in residential, multifamily or high-occupancy institutional facilities where pressure sewerage systems are a more efficient and cost-effective solution than excavating deep-trench connectors to collection systems.

The 12-ft. MDU features a working Compit Pump Station and cutaway display of a Flygt Progressive Cavity (PC) pump. Also included in the walk-through showcase are the FGC211 control and both pressure bell and 3-point probe level controls. Secondary components include the different size Flygt fiberglass basins with guide-rail assemblies for PC and centrifugal pumps along with a counter display of wet-end components on pumps. An exhibit of Flygt solutions for pressure sewerage systems also offers a side-by-side comparison with competitive offerings in the industry.

Flygt, a Xylem brand, designs and manufactures dry and submersible pumps, mixers and related intelligent controls systems.