MAUMEE, Ohio (May 27, 2014) – Greg Knitz, President of Alignment Supplies, Inc., announced that Alignment Supplies, Inc. has been named as the North American Distributor for the RollProf 3T Roll Profile Measurement System. The system is designed for production environments like steel mills and paper mills. The RollProf 3T platform has features like Android Mobile System integration, simultaneous profile and temperature recording, and dual profile sensors (positioned on each side of the roll) that can be instantly averaged for one result or split to see each side of the roll separately.

“We are extremely pleased to be offering the RollProf 3T system, as many of our current customers are in the steel and paper industries, and have approached us about solutions for their Roll Profiling needs,” said Mr. Knitz. “We know that the RollProf 3T system is the premier solution for Roll Profile measurements, and we are confident our customers will be amazed by everything this system can do.”

Traditionally, rolls are changed at given intervals or sometimes even as a result of failure – leading to higher costs than necessary. Using the Rollprof 3T roll measuring system means that rolls need only to be changed when their condition requires it. The RollProf 3T system is offered in 3 different configurations based on roll diameter: the RollProf 3T – 100, RollProf 3T – 800, and RollProf 3T – 1600. Across these systems, the measurable roll diameter range is 100 millimeters to 2860 millimeters (4"-86").

The system was created by U-Teknik of Kungälv, Sweden and developed together with maintenance experts from the papermaking and steel industry. U-Teknik selected Alignment Supplies to help broaden the exposure of the RollProf 3T system throughout North America. “We are very pleased to have been chosen by U-Teknik AB, and envision a very promising collaboration with them over the next several years,” said Knitz.

As the Rollprof 3T is battery-powered and very compact, it is ideal for taking measurements at positions where accessibility is very limited, such as on rolls in situ on a machine, or inside long tubes or pipes. The instrument is supplied already programmed with a number of general measurement routines, which incorporate sensor resolution, measurement distance, print layout, and more. The various steps appear as prompts on the display that can be answered simply with the press of a button. When the measurements have been made, the results can be uploaded to a personal computer for further evaluation or storage. “Additionally, the RollProf 3T system can also measure diameter variations axially on rolls,” said Knitz, “and the wheels can even be angled so that radial measurements are possible.”

“We are confident that the RollProf 3T system will quickly prove itself to be the premier roll profiling technology for the North American market, through its impressive slate of capabilities and affordable pricing,” said Mr. Knitz. “We anticipate that the arrival of the RollProf 3T system will make a substantial impact at steel and paper mills across America, making roll profiling easier, faster, and more comprehensive than ever before.”

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