ENON, Ohio (July 10, 2017)—Mark Jones, formerly vice president of engineering and marketing at NORD Gear Corporation, will succeed Mike Dillon as president of SEEPEX, Inc. Mark began at SEEPEX on July 10 in the position of president and chief operating officer and will assume chief executive responsibilities in the fourth quarter of 2017. Mike will continue as the chief executive officer and as a member of the management board of the SEEPEX global group of companies while Mark is on-boarded. After 2017, Mike will continue at SEEPEX in engineering and product development roles.

Mike stated, “Many SEEPEX employees already know Mark from classes he has conducted at our facility since he has been with NORD. Mark was a guest speaker at many of our sales training sessions and has done several ad hoc sessions with engineering. Additionally, Mark has been our main contact in determining technical matters with NORD products. He was my first choice out of hundreds of applicants. I’m very confident in his abilities.”

Mark has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from The Ohio State University and has worked at both NORD and SEW in engineering capacities. Mark has also been actively involved in sales and marketing activities at NORD and has spent a lot of time with both key OEM accounts and distributors. SEEPEX will count on Mark’s direction and experience in further developing sales, marketing and distribution.

Mark stated, “I am excited to join the SEEPEX team. SEEPEX is a very forward thinking and innovative leader in the marketplace, including mechanical, electrical and control products. I believe a systems- and solution-based focus is the key to future growth.”

Please join us in welcoming Mark as a valuable resource for our company and employees as we enter into the next phase of SEEPEX Inc.