Manufacturers can provide solutions for aging water and wastewater systems.
by Paola Conti & Anand Gnanamoorthy, Frost & Sullivan

Pumps’ Role

Pumps are critical in the water and wastewater industry. As a result, market growth is expected. The trends driving the growth in fresh water use and the infrastructure industry will provide an important market opportunity for pumps and pump systems through the mid- to long-term. In the case of pump manufacturers supplying the wastewater industry, a positive correlation exists between the demand for wastewater treatment and the demand for industrial pumps. As opportunities open for municipal governments to replace aging treatment plants, pump manufacturers will be able to boost sales revenue because the demand for pumps will be integrated into new wastewater treatment systems. Nevertheless, pump manufacturers will be challenged to produce energy-efficient pumps at an affordable price. Clients in the municipal water and wastewater treatment industries will focus on reducing energy and life-cycle costs, which will provide new opportunities for pump manufacturers to meet those market expectations.

Equipment Demand

The future of the U.S. water infrastructure challenges each state to provide clean water to its citizens in an economically and environmentally safe way. The course that the U.S. takes to tackle its aging infrastructure will remain an important issue in the growth and prosperity of the nation. Governments at all levels must develop innovative solutions to upgrade their old and existing facilities by seeking funding from private and public entities. As a result, the water and wastewater industry is expected to progressively develop a more favorable climate for equipment manufacturers to showcase their equipment and provide the best alternatives to improve a troubled water and wastewater infrastructure.