With an agitator and a top-discharge design, these pumps prevent clogging and successfully handle abrasive materials.
by Mike Bjorkman, BJM Pumps

Top-discharge pumps are cooled by the pumped liquid. They can pump a sump or pit down to within inches of the bottom. A side-discharge pump, without a cooling jacket, must stay submerged to avoid overheating, leaving as much as 3 feet of unpumped slurry.

Top discharge also equates to “slim”—even the largest model, with a 22.75-inch “waistline,” will fit down a manhole with a hose attached.

Saladin Pump installed a 10-horsepower, submersible slurry pump in the sump at Salvage Gulf Service for a 60-day trial. The trial was successful with no clogs or wearing issues. Savage Gulf bought the pump, and 60 days later bought a backup pump. Pumping reliability is critical to the overall refining process.