Modern software tools are making virtual selection and purchasing of pumps possible.
Pump manufacturers respond with strategies to better meet needs from construction, industry, municipal and mining segments.
To optimize system operation, designers must match the conditions that encompass the system curve.
Manufacturers and end users must understand new government rules and test procedures to ensure compliance by 2020.
Design flaws cause catastrophic failure in a geothermal power station hotwell in New Zealand.
Evaluating the entire system for possible improvement will help facilities lower energy use and improve reliability.
For filter press operations, this technology offers a solid solution that incorporates a number of characteristic benefits.
A facility in this island nation installed new technologies to meet continuous high water demand without changing the building’s footprint.
Pini Polonia employs advanced technology to process 1,000 pigs per hour.
California vineyard uses AODD pumps for 6,000-gallon tanks to achieve up to 60 percent savings in energy and operating costs.
Selecting the right equipment can mean the difference between unnecessary downtime and cost-saving pump longevity.