Selecting the right equipment can mean the difference between unnecessary downtime and cost-saving pump longevity.
Since the installation, the ozone systems have kept both pulp bleach lines operating with more than 99 percent reliability.
These pumps can provide versatility and reliability within a variety of applications.
Common Pumping Mistakes
These are the answers to the Pump Ninja Quiz that was published in the July issue.
The Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center was spending between $4,500 and $8,500 per incident to remove solids from its sewage ejection pits.
Evaluate the application before installation to ensure a long-lasting, productive and efficient pump.
Pump users must think outside the box to ensure their equipment will avoid impending failure.
This is the first time the DOE has developed rules to determine the efficiency of pump systems.
Drives with active energy control can save energy and extend motor life for pumping and HVAC loads.