Parts made of these materials can help solve some common pumping problems.
Suspended granite in water required creative solutions for nuclear plant equipment.
A 15,000-pound impeller with broken vanes presents an opportunity to improve the original design.
End users in need of replacement parts should understand the capabilities and offerings of different suppliers to obtain optimal system components.
When replacement parts or services are required, end users must research the pros and cons of different kinds of suppliers.
Using supplemental specifications and upgrading during pump repair provides reliability.
First of Four Parts A reliability professional recently asked me for spare parts recommendations. His global fertilizer plant had used a piecemeal approach during the last 20 years that...
Advanced test analysis tools, remanufacturing and training help end users solve problems.
Block and bleed isolation capabilities improve safety and profits.
An Indiana refinery used reverse engineering to solve multiple challenges with one custom pump.
Additive manufacturing also improves geometric tolerances.
DUBAI, UAE (Aug. 19, 2014)—Industrial plant owners in the Middle East are increasingly recognizing the value of industrial services as privatization is encouraging the implementation of global best...
A software simulation tool and detailed engineering analysis procedure are needed for 
problem solving.
The cost of aftermarket pump upgrades are minimal compared to the cost of downtime and repairs.
A slurry pump hydraulic lab performs tests which can lead to improvements in pump design for reduced impact wear effects.
Inspections can identify undetected issues to prevent sanitary sewer overflows and the fines that can accompany them.
Manufacturers and end users should explore their options and see if they can benefit from this technology.
Mapping and testing ensure proper fit and function of replacement parts.
Reverse Engineering: The “New Old Secret”
Current technology provides upgrades to conventional methods and guidelines.
Portable Laser Scanner Technology Reduces Time and Cost
Devices help develop parts and identify problems when replacing turbine components.
 Solutions for Obsolete Parts
A few simple steps can solve spares issues and help extend the lives of old pumps.
WAYNE, Pa. (Feb. 9, 2012) - Gardner Denver, Inc. announced fourth quarter results that established a quarterly record for DEPS, and full year results that established records for revenue, operating...
One aftermarket company weighs in on the state of the aftermarket industry. Business in 2008 and 2009 Quadna, Inc., always has maintained a strong commitment to the aftermarket business. We not...