Roger Klein shows the area where air valves are manufactured.
Roger Klein discusses the developments Almatec has made in the diaphragms they produce as well as how they can be used with older pumps.
Bernhard Dicks talks with Pumps & Systems Magazine about the prosperous history of Almatec.
The Pumps & Systems on Tour project continues at Almatec in Kamp Lintfort, Germany on June 7, 2013.
On the European Pump Tour, the Pumps & Systems team learned how a company that began with one man’s vision three decades ago has grown into a global pump manufacturer.
Almatec uses a clean room in their manufacturing process.
Almatec uses color coding to stay organized during the manufacturing process.
Almatec focuses on chemical, hygeinic and semi-conductor markets.
Andreas Frerix explains how Quattroflow can solve problems for Almatec's customers.
E Series pumps are used in chemical, semi-conductor, and solar industries.
The E Series was developed through feedback from customers and end users.
The E Series was developed through feedback from customers and end users.
Roger Klein describes the history of E Series pumps.
Varied manufacturing materials make each pump in the E Series better suited for different applications.
Roger Klein discusses the components that go into making E Series pumps.
Andreas Frerix began working with Quattroflow as a customer before beginning work at Almatec.
Roger Klein explains the strong relationship Almatec has with its suppliers.
Bernhard Dicks talks with Pumps & Systems Magazine about Almatec's initiatives for 2013.
For Almatec, the Perswing P Air Control System is the heart of it's energy-saving benefit (and it's virtually maintenance free). Pumps & Systems magazine interviews Almatec's R&D Director to...
The manufacture, transfer, handling and use of dangerous chemicals such as acids, caustics and solvents—which can be corrosive, toxic and hazardous to life and the environment—can pose significant...
Plastics are a critical material for many of Almatec's products.
Andreas Frerix tells Pumps & Systems about the Quattroflow pump.
Andreas Frerix discusses the applications of Quattroflow.
Andreas Frerix demonstrates the use of the Quattroflow pump.