Solid-body, plastic AODD pumps offer reliable corrosive-fluid handling.
Ace of Base Latex
Another diaphragm ruptures, and your customer needs this batch of latex yesterday to mix their new line of paints for the season’s hottest hues. What’s the solution?When one major base latex paint...
Air-Operated Double Diaphragm  Pump Performance
Ease of maintenance and operation make these pumps a good solution for many applications.
Bernhard Dicks talks with Pumps & Systems Magazine about the prosperous history of Almatec.
The Pumps & Systems on Tour project continues at Almatec in Kamp Lintfort, Germany on June 7, 2013.
AODD Pumps & Mining Safety
These pumps meet this industry’s harsh challenges and help minimize the risks to personnel and the environment.
AODD Pumps Benefit from Air Distribution System
Maximize energy efficiency by identifying the pumps’ optimal flow rate and air consumption.Operating a manufacturing plant in which fluids of varying viscosities need to be transferred from one...
This technology can tackle basic dewatering applications and precise electrowinning processes.
AODD Pumps for Harsh Conditions
Product type and environment must be considered when choosing the proper pump.Webster’s Dictionary offers a number of definitions for the word harsh, including “having a coarse or uneven surface...
On the European Pump Tour, the Pumps & Systems team learned how a company that began with one man’s vision three decades ago has grown into a global pump manufacturer.
Sichem turned to air-operated double-diaphragm pumping technology to carefully and efficiently produce chemicals for the oil industry.
A UAE company turned to air-operated double-diaphragm pumping technology to carefully and efficiently produce chemicals for the oil industry.
These pumps provide an efficient solution for handling large particles in sticky solutions.
A German pharmaceutical facility upgraded its pumps to efficiently handle solvents.
Almatec focuses on chemical, hygeinic and semi-conductor markets.
The E Series was developed through feedback from customers and end users.
CFD and engineered improvements assist designers in their quest to produce more work from less energy.
Efficient AODD Pump Operation
Eliminating dry running can save money and protect equipment.
Energy-Saving Technology
Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps gain energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs with innovative technology.Air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps are known for their positive attributes of...
CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (June 6, 2012) – IDEX Corporation recently announced the promotion of Fenton Challgren to president of Chemical, Food & Process (CFP) which includes three Business Units,...
Improving Efficiency in Air Distribution Systems (ADS)
Air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump technology was invented and introduced to the market 55 years ago. That day in 1955 when the first AODD pump began operating remains a watershed moment in...
Reducing the causes of friction and choosing the proper pump will increase efficiency and cost-savings.Imagine a major-league pitcher standing on the mound. He looks for the signal, nods in agreement,...
For Almatec, the Perswing P Air Control System is the heart of it's energy-saving benefit (and it's virtually maintenance free). Pumps & Systems magazine interviews Almatec's R&D Director to...
The manufacture, transfer, handling and use of dangerous chemicals such as acids, caustics and solvents—which can be corrosive, toxic and hazardous to life and the environment—can pose significant...
Reliable Pumps for Abrasive Material
Solid-body plastic AODD pumps deliver the operational ability required for challenging abrasive-handling applications.The originator of the epigram, “Laws are like sausages; it’s better not to see...
Diaphragm replacement developments decrease the risk of contamination.
Head-to-head comparisons show decreased compressed air use and enhanced flow.
This equipment avoids the risk of leaks and pipe damage associated with injection mold pumps.
The Perfect Prescription
The ancient Greek philosopher Plato is credited with coining the phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” meaning that a need or problem encourages creative efforts to meet the need or...
A Wilden distributor at a job site where a Wilden AODD pump is being used to remove the water around a pylon so that the maintenance crew can make repairs to a shipping dock. Circa 1960.