April 2011 Issue

As a follow up on my AC Motors series, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a short overview of work, power and torque as it applies to the AC motor.
Although a number of AC motor designs are used, the induction motor is, by far, the most common and will be the topic of this column.
Data and life cycle management technology helps refineries maintain equipment and reduce the total cost of ownership.
Wireless technology increases efficiency and safety in a chemical refinery.
The FSA is actively participating in the task groups on the fourth edition of the API-682/ISO 21049 and 3A Sanitary Standards for mechanical seals.
In 1933, 36 American and Canadian companies attended the inaugural meeting of the Mechanical Packing Association in New York. After changing its name to the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) in 1970, the organization has grown to represent more than 85 percent of the manufacturing capacity for North America.
A discussion of current compression packing technology will help set the stage for an example of how this can be accomplished. Compression packing is still widely used to seal rotating equipment such as pumps.
Questions are answered about monitoring power consumption and noise level parameters for pumps.
When maintaining motors, proactive strategies are required.
A refinery's vertical pump passes the test, verifying its performance before installation.
This article explains the differences between electromechanical and electronic overload relays and shows how the latter can provide better motor protection and increase safety.
Reengineered seals can be cost-effective and efficient alternatives to seal replacement.
The impact of pump wear ring clearance on pump efficiency.
Changes in the pump media, pressure, temperature and even the decision to opt for longer pump maintenance cycles can all affect pump performance. In these cases, physical changes to the pump's elastomer seals can be used as a diagnostic tool to provide early warning of problems.
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