August 2007 Issue

A full introduction to metering pumps
A look at new tool that predicts how pumps and systems interact.
As we learned last month, carbon/graphite fiber packings have proven to be effective solutions to many common sealing applications.
With the wide use of variable frequency drives in the pump industry and increasing unit size, it is becoming more difficult to design mechanical systems free from natural frequencies within operating speed range. If such an occurrence is allowed in the field, a resulting resonance condition threatens to significantly impact performance and longevity of the equipment.
Is there a way of predicting the maximum operating speed for a reciprocating plunger pump when pumping a viscous liquid?
Even when a redundant pumping system is in place, it can be advisable to monitor the condition of the operating units in critical applications where maintaining production depends on motor-pump reliability.
There are three primary sources of air in a pipeline.
How many gallons per minute are REALLY flowing out of that pump?
Vortex action: how lower efficiency can reduce overall cost. pump efficiency

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