August 2009 Issue

HI answers your pump questions.
Expansion joints are designed to provide stress relief in piping systems that are loaded by thermal movements and mechanical vibration.
The small town of Groin, Mo., has an excellent source of water. The water board says its wells and distribution system are coasting along at about half the maximum capacity. Since demand is growing at less than 2 percent per year, it would be reasonable to assume the current system is more than adequate for many years.
Thanks to everyone who submitted answers to Pump Challenge #1.
One of the major contributors to unbalance in rotating machinery is eccentricity. When we disassemble parts, we must also reassemble them. Even if the reassembly requires heating to shrink-fit the elements back together, we probably balanced them in a balancing machine where tolerances due to fit-up on mandrels or roundness of journals may possibly far exceed the heavy spot tolerances that the target standard of balance allows.
Proper installation and adjustment can make the difference between the success and failure of a packed pump. By keeping in mind the fine points of a few key principles, the chances of success are greatly increased.

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