August 2010 Issue

This month we will quickly look at the load types that comprise a typical AC circuit.
Frequency analysis is an important method of vibration analysis.
Green means a pump or pump system that uses less energy or reduces material usage in its design.
Analyzing the poor repairs on a boiler feed pumps and how they affect the pump's performance and reliability.NPSH,net positive suction head
The preferred method for starting reciprocating pumps; Critical speed for pumps; Timing gears on rotary pumps
Avoid repeat failures and lost production or profits by using a structured approach to problem solving.
Plastic pneumatic diaphragm pumps are used widely in chemical, semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications, as well as other industries that require sanitary operating atmospheres.
Distributors play a vital role in keeping the lines between manufacturers and users operating smoothly.
When the motor amps are kicking a unit offline, the first question is whether the motor or the pump is the problem.
These basic seal system considerations can significantly reduce the energy footprint of the seal face interaction. Their contribution to the overall sealing system energy footprint should be considered after review of all the components of the sealing system's energy footprint.
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