The benefits of predictive maintenance are becoming readily accepted throughout industry in Europe as well as North America.
Pump manufacturers in a variety of industries are increasingly asked to deliver more with less.
In this age of environmental consciousness, OEMs around the world are competing to build better, safer and greener machines.
The conclusion of a two-part primer on optimal ways of lubricating the bearings in process pumps.
Rolling bearings are precision machine elements found in a wide variety of applications.
Our repair shop manager, Jerry, recently got a call from a plant to help solve a continual vibration problem with their end-suction process pump. Jim, the plant maintenance manager, was unhappy when we went to see him.
Lubricants for rotating machinery primarily serve to separate rolling and sliding contact surfaces, protect highly finished bearing surfaces from corrosion, protect against contaminants and serve as a heat-transfer medium.
Regular care and inspections help prevent costly downtime.
In June, 2007, a reader asked Electrical Apparatus magazine, "How long should motor bearings last?" The answer will astound you.
The initial cost of a pump is a small component of the pump's total life cycle cost.
Progressive maintenance practices are vital to maximize pump life, minimize downtime and avoid costly repairs and lost production.
Magnetic bearings have the advantage of non-contacting, super-low friction performance.
When a component of a large circulating water pump fails in a power plant, the power plant must often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to remove the pump from service.
Frequently, guide bearings are incorrectly blamed for a problem that has nothing to do with the bearings.
Given time, every component of the rotating machinery will eventually fail, even when operating in a perfect environment.
Bearings perform vital roles in enabling optimized operation and service life of pumps used throughout industry.

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