Centrifugal Pumps

Statement of Problem: A vertical pump has a 400 hp motor.
A Comparison Between Conventional and Thermodynamic Methods.
Tips on annual surveys for pumps.
Focus on efficiency drives savings in energy consumption.
Vibration monitoring of critical and auxiliary pumping systems helps improve machine reliability, safety and production capability.
I have seen, and I am sure you have too, countless examples of installed pumps that are poor hydraulic fits. These selection mistakes are called off-design pump selections, bad actors, misapplied pumps, etc.
An Arizona mining company and an engineered pump system expert share a mutual understanding of what is needed to improve the electrowinning process that drives the copper mine's operations.
The U.S. Navy created an alternative pumping technology that could transfer sewage from CHT tanks and pump wastewater for shipyards without the downtime or repairs.
Reengineered screw pumps have become drop-in replacements for twin screw timed pumps.
Have you ever experienced this? The pump that you purchased for one specific performance is placed in service and operates at another point that is completely different from its original design point or BEP.
In today's tough economy, many companies face unprecedented challenges that are forcing them to scale back and rethink their approach to managing business.
With reverse engineering, a pump service facility increased the performance of a service water pump in a nuclear power plant.
The impeller of the Central Saltwater Cooling Pump on the USNS Lewis and Clark was demonstrating premature wear and efficiency from corrosive saltwater and cavitation.
Avoid repeat failures and lost production or profits by using a structured approach to problem solving.
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