Work at various nuclear power plants and oil and gas refineries shows considerations that determine equipment for each application.
Four main technologies are available, and plant operators can optimize operations by selecting the best combination of these options.
This technology helped a facility save $20,000 in one year.
The manufacture, transfer, handling and use of dangerous chemicals such as acids, caustics and solvents—which can be corrosive, toxic and hazardous to life and the environment—can pose significant...
This equipment avoids the risk of leaks and pipe damage associated with injection mold pumps.
The 77 pumps at the Puralube Zeitz site leverage progressing cavity and centrifugal pumps to recycle used oil into more than 140,000 metric tons of base and mineral oil products.
The valves, 78 and 84 inches (1.9 and 2.1 meters) in diameter, were the largest the manufacturer had ever produced.
RADOLFZELL, Germany (March 3, 2013) – Colfax Fluid Handling, a business unit of Colfax Corporation, has received an order to deliver five Allweiler propeller pumps for a chemical plant in Saudi...
Peristaltic Pumps in Chemical Applications
 Providing a low life-cycle choice for chemical meteringIn recent years, peristaltic pumps have become a more popular choice than diaphragm metering and progressing cavity (PC) pumps for chemical...