December 2010

Main oil pump hydraulic geometry was the root cause of numerous false turbine/generator overspeed trips.
HI answers your frequently asked questions.
Today's pipe stress analysis software provides engineers with a tool for designing complete piping systems and performing structural analysis in compliance with ASME and other well-known piping codes.
Positive displacement technology is used to solve maintenance headaches at a power plant.
Potential vertical turbine pump vibration problems were avoided through design-stage finite element analysis.
Improved reliability, performance and energy efficiency can result from pump system assessment. pump system optimization, pump efficiency
The recession has not had as big of an impact on the power generation or energy industry because of the growing demand for power.
Two part series to analyze a study conducted on a pump restoration project. The restoration consisted of the mechanical refurbishment, sandblasting, application of a metal filler and two coats of epoxy coating.

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