December 2011

The third annual Product Innovation of the Year award was hotly contested again this year. The contest examined products entered into the marketplace between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011.
Tests show that solid-body plastic pumps are the best choice for oscillating applications.
Test lab engineers perform 40 void tests in 10 days with results that could impact NRC regulations.
What factors should be considered for stainless steel fasteners 
in bolted flanged connections?
How is the axial thrust for an end suction 
impeller calculated?
Adjustable frequency drives for improved energy efficiency and 
parallel, multiphase pumps
An unexpected bearing failure needs to be understood and seen as an opportunity for improvements.
Digitization methods are critical when using pump selection software.
Pump manufacturers are looking at the service industry in a whole new light as pump industry growth slows and the servicing industry growth rate surges ahead.
Strengthening of bent shafts is a tricky and controversial process.
Applications for electric power and the Smart Grid
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