February 2010

If a centrifugal pump is started with the discharge valve open too far and with a low discharge pressure, the liquid in the suction line may accelerate at a rate that causes the suction pressure to drop below vapor pressure.
Babbitt bearings, frequently found in large steam turbines and generators in major power plants, can provide years of service if properly maintained.
When assessing the vast chemical industry, it is usually not advisable to deal in generalities.
The conformability, flexibility and wide range of material combinations and designs enable packing to seal many difficult, unconventional applications.
HI answers your frequently asked questions.
In many cases, users rent pumps to help them meet specific project requirements.
Progress toward assisting pump designers to deliver superior, efficient pump designs for these complex constructions must be predicated on the basis of possible design improvements, the tools to assist such work and the availability of necessary staff.
At their simplest, metering pumps are used to inject liquids at precisely controlled, adjustable flow rates, which is a process called metering.
How do I move from my situation to a better one? In other words, is it possible to retrofit a less-than-optimal installation with a better solution, and how?
Last month I reviewed an Excel-based Radial Thrust Calculator and showed how it can predict the magnitude of unbalanced radial thrust when a centrifugal pump is operated to the left of BEP.

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