The FSA is actively participating in the task groups on the fourth edition of the API-682/ISO 21049 and 3A Sanitary Standards for mechanical seals.
How do variable speed drives impact mechanical seals?
Why are mechanical seals still the preferred choice in the process industries?
The focus has been on the main source of the emissions—valve stem packing. Several companies have evaluated current industry standards and have crafted testing protocols specific to their application requirements.
What are the current industry best practices for the assembly of bolted flange connections?
In 1933, 36 American and Canadian companies attended the inaugural meeting of the Mechanical Packing Association in New York. After changing its name to the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) in 1970, the organization has grown to represent more than 85 percent of the manufacturing capacity for North America.
Blow outs can be avoided with proper gasket selection and installation procedures.
Boiler and Pressure Vessel code contains rules for the design and construction of unfired pressure vessels. The design of bolted flanges requires that gasket constants referred to as m and y be used in the calculation.
Compression packing has continuously been used to seal pump shafts in many applications.
The purpose of this article is to show the importance in selecting the appropriate fastener standard and specification.
What should be considered for the selection of expansion joints for pumps?

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