FSA Sealing Sense

How can I apply expansion joints to plastic and fiberglass reinforced piping?
Why don’t my PTFE gaskets seal FRP, plastic and other light load flanges?
How do I choose the right gasket for pumps in chemical service?
How do I evaluate and control my fluid sealing costs?
When seal designs are applied to abrasive slurry applications that properly address the five design considerations noted above, mechanical seals can provide very reliable sealing performance.
How can I compare the performance of pump packing?
Modular seal designs do not lessen the need for proper selection of the core seal whether it is a single or dual, unbalanced or dual balanced, ID or OD pressurized, pusher or non-pusher, rotating head or seat and so on.
Gasket life is important to ensuring long, leak-free operation of a bolted joint. While selection of the proper gasket is an important first step, improper installation procedures can damage gaskets and prevent them from achieving their service life potential.
The minimum required bolt load divided by the number of bolts in the flange will determine the minimum f, or force, needed to use the torque equation.
Find out how temperature impacts PTFE packing performance
Five performance factors affect the life of a mechanical seal and guide the determination of an optimum replacement cycle for that seal.
The introduction of the new series of standards for active pharmaceutical ingredients contributes to the pharmaceutical industry's efforts to improve the economy and efficiency of the entire manufacturing process and maintain the strict requirements of hygienic design and cleanability throughout their production process.
Remember that the gasket is but one of many reasons a bolted flange joint connection can leak.
The primary functions of elastomeric expansion joints include absorbing all directional thermal movements and reducing noise and vibration.
Gas lubricated seals are relatively recent developments in pump seal technology. They provide a new approach to double seals for controlling pump emissions, minimizing heat generation and reducing power consumption.
ePTFE /Graphite packing tolerates a wide range of service conditions and has the capabilities inherent in PTFE while overcoming limitations of low thermal conductivity. These characteristics of ePTFE enable standardization of packing to simplify operations and improve productivity in many cases.
Compression packing has continuously been used to seal pump shafts in many applications.
Mechanical seals are designed to produce an acceptably low level of leakage to function effectively. Many individual internal and external factors, as well as interactions between them, affect the rate of seal leakage.
The purpose of this article is to show the importance in selecting the appropriate fastener standard and specification.
This article will review properties from two basic tests, how they are determined and what value they have in selection of sheet-gasket material for an application.
Flange surface finish is a critical aspect of gasket performance.
Although many of the energy costs of a shut-down can be difficult to quantify, they are numerous and substantial. Maintaining a process stream in operation increases its overall efficiency, while failures decrease it.
This is the second of a four-part Sealing Sense series that provides guidance on best practices to minimize the size of the sealing system energy footprint.

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