What factors should be considered for stainless steel fasteners 
in bolted flanged connections?
Following simple procedures makes all the difference in successful sealing.
Gasket life is important to ensuring long, leak-free operation of a bolted joint. While selection of the proper gasket is an important first step, improper installation procedures can damage gaskets and prevent them from achieving their service life potential.
The minimum required bolt load divided by the number of bolts in the flange will determine the minimum f, or force, needed to use the torque equation.
Blow outs can be avoided with proper gasket selection and installation procedures.
These steps will help ensure the best piping system performance for the longest time possible. When fewer gaskets are wasted due to deterioration from poor storage the result is additional money to combat real problems.
Bolted flange gasket technology continually evolves with new designs and materials that provide more reliable and durable seals. Plant operators can choose from a wide variety of gasket products that meet the needs of each application; however, selecting the optimal gasket product is only half the battle.
Typical operating environments create unique challenges for plant maintenance personnel when meeting their goals of reliably sealing bolted flange connections.
The right joint sealant can yield significant cost savings.
Boiler and Pressure Vessel code contains rules for the design and construction of unfired pressure vessels. The design of bolted flanges requires that gasket constants referred to as m and y be used in the calculation.
The purpose of this article is to show the importance in selecting the appropriate fastener standard and specification.
This article will review properties from two basic tests, how they are determined and what value they have in selection of sheet-gasket material for an application.

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