January 2008

The mechanical seal industry, like the pump industry, will continue to face significant opportunities as well as challenges as we progress further into the globalized 21st century.
Our company recently celebrated its 150-year anniversary, and we have to ask ourselves everyday how to position the company to be ready for the next 150 years.
Emissions regulations continue to have the largest impact on the portable pump rental industry.
Company shares views on industry's future
Sealless magnetically-coupled (mag-drive) pumps are found throughout the process industries for a variety of hazardous liquids.
Even though control technology has become an integral part of many pumping systems, over half of our readers have not expressed much interest in pump controls. I think I know why - today's controls are simply not as intuitively understandable as they once were. Who wants to read about the advantages of PID control without a basic understanding of P, I, and D itself?
Basically, a repair is the simplest, least-involved way of "fixing" a pump, typically caused by a non-recurring accidental event, such as a broken shaft, failed seal, and so on. An overhaul is more involved.
A look at energy efficiency organizations that have spearheaded regional programs that include financial incentives for more energy efficient systems, workshops, training sessions, and total facility assessments.
Remember that the gasket is but one of many reasons a bolted flange joint connection can leak.
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