January 2010 Issue

Power pump NPSH tests are performed by holding pump speed and discharge pressure constant and varying the NPSH available in the system.
Electric drives are used in various applications in the oil and gas industry for varying motor speeds driving critical components, including pumps, fans and compressors.
Water chemical compatibility and electrical interference are two major challenges for control systems. Two major sources of fresh water can limit the performance of the control system.
Two decades ago, EST Associates, Inc. started operations in Needham, Mass., to provide the New England area with environmental sampling and related monitoring services.
Blow outs can be avoided with proper gasket selection and installation procedures.
HI answers your frequently asked questions
The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD), a municipally owned utility, provides roughly four million residents in southeastern Michigan with an average of 710 million gallons of water per day.
Hidden but significant opportunities are nestled among bad economic news, and those companies that take the best advantage of the current circumstances will emerge even stronger when the economy begins its inevitable recovery.
In the United States, several long distance pipelines move gasoline from the refineries in the Southwest to the coastal areas in the Northeast.
Lubricated machines require clean, dry oil to work properly.
To state that 2009 was a turbulent year for the pump industry is a substantial understatement.

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