January 2012

Cobb County, Ga., adds automation to improve wastewater treatment operations.
Leak-free operation optimizes waste-reduced food production capabilities.
Improved motor starters help Fabri-Kal achieve its green vision.
Answers to the industry's pressing technical and management questions
Electric motors have had a huge impact on the pump industry.
Keeping a close eye on pump efficiency can lead to energy savings.
The fundamentals of how power quality issues affect the plant, how to detect them and how to make them go away
Exploring the digitization methods of pump power and efficiency curves
Proper safety precautions for selecting, installing and maintaining seal systems
Submersible pump industry survey provides a unique forecast
The McGraw-Hill scientific dictionary [5] states that a volute is "a spiral casing for a centrifugal pump... designed so that speed will be converted to pressure."
Design, vision, technology and a focus on efficiency have shaped the evolution of the pump industry.
Follow the major developments in seal technology
The distribution and sales of industrial pumps has experienced great changes throughout the past decades.
Follow the inventions that changed the industry
Temperature changes can push pipe force beyond safe limits
Industry struggles to regain footing after recession
Design and construction of sewer systems can include environmentally-safe innovations.
This month's "Sealing Sense" was prepared by FSA member Larry Sheffield.

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