July 2007 Issue

A full introduction to metering pumps
Proper use of affinity laws can led to more accurate pump curve calculations.
Conclusion of our series covering applications in which they are used, why they are used, how they fail and things operators can check/do to maintain the performance of the seal flush plan.
A description of the use of pressure sewer system technology to solve challenging sewage disposal requirements where other methods may be less economically feasible or environmentally unacceptable
Q. What is a jet pump? I do not see any reference to it in your standards and would like to learn more about it.
Redefining the metering pump
Losing productivity due to faulty or malfunctioning equipment is an unnecessary expense that often results in downtime.
Positive displacement pumps are known as the poor cousin in the global pumps market.
When measuring vibration, one of the most important factors in obtaining accurate information involves selecting the proper vibration transducer. Selecting the wrong vibration transducer can yield results that are misleading or, worse, mask a problem.
Hose pumps have been around for many years, with some designs dating back more than 75 years.

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