July 2008 Issue

When choosing a pump for a given application, there are many factors to consider.
Much has been reported recently about surface water reservoirs in the Southeast and West maintaining dangerously low levels.
Some people say that compressors are simply pumps that pump gas. This may be true to some extent, but significant differences exist between them.
This month, we explore progressive cavity (PC) pumps, which belong to a class of rotary positive displacement pumps.
Friction welding as a way to reduce costs is a viable option for design engineering and new product development.
The process of making plastic.
A new way of looking at packaged pumping systems.
HI answers readers' questions about pump alignment, pump maintenance and head developed by an impeller.
Your pumps benefit from regular checkups to ensure no underlying problems exist.
An Arizona mining company and an engineered pump system expert share a mutual understanding of what is needed to improve the electrowinning process that drives the copper mine's operations.
Keep maintenance time down with a new solution.
Explore the electrical side of a pump in an "as built" system and the electrical's effect on effect on motor life.

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