March 2010 Issue

Energy efficiency and reduced consumption are important issues in the pump and motor marketplace.
Without question, liquid storage terminals play an integral part in the ongoing success and relevance of a wide array of industries worldwide.
We have just faced the toughest recession of our modern times.
Q. Our pumps take their suction from an open tank.
For the non-expert in pump technology, selecting the most appropriate pump technology for a specific application or process system can be challenging because.
By most definitions, metering pumps handle small or low flow volumes that are precisely dispensed at pre-set intervals.
Europe is predominantly bound by regulations directed towards improving standards and quality and being green.
Packaged pumping systems are gaining in popularity due to benefits including ease of installation, single source responsibility and streamlined manufacturing.
South Coast Water District (SCWD) provides water to more than 40,000 residents and two million visitors a year in the coastal communities of southern Orange County, California.
As peristaltic pumps are true positive displacement pumps, they will deliver a consistent flow rate as the discharge pressures vary.
If it is necessary to increase a system's NPSHA, one or more of the following steps may be employed.NPSH, net positive suction head, pump system optimization
In previous Pumping Prescriptions columns, we have looked at vertical pumps from various perspectives, including alignment, proper centering of the rotor shafting
The primary functions of elastomeric expansion joints include absorbing all directional thermal movements and reducing noise and vibration.

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