May 2007 Issue

This discussion opens a three-part series covering mechanical seal piping plans that provide guidelines for various seal arrangements, fluids and control equipment to help you determine what support system requirements will maximize the performance reliability of your application.
Ampac Fine Chemicals (AFC) is a leading U.S. contract manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and registered intermediates.
Most financial decisions of any consequence at your facility are made by managers; Plant Managers, Project Managers, Operations Managers, Financial Managers, etc.
Overhauling or servicing big pumps and valves means dealing with big bores.
Pumps come in a plethora of shapes and sizes and curve shape is important for several reasons.
The globalization of the pumps market has made mergers and acquisitions the best way to increase and expand customer base.
If pump cavitation is not detected and quickly eliminated, significant damage can occur to the impeller and other internal components. Since cavitation (the formation and collapse of vapor bubbles in the pumped fluid as it passes through the pump impeller) is often temporary or even induced by the process, timely knowledge of the condition is extremely important so operators can act to alleviate the problem and prevent damage.
Everybody knows that a rotating part or pump is going to produce vibration.
Changes in the world economy, the markets we serve and the pump industry are continuing at an exponential rate.
This primer presents basic surge control principles and the functions of various valves associated with pumping stations.
Manufacturers of braided packings are often asked to simply supply "A PTFE packing."

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